Savigliano - Cavallermaggiore

Stage 5

Difficulty: MC+
STS grade: S1
Elevation: 5 m+ (313 m max / 282 m min)
Length: km 10
ype: full/front MTB, front/full or gravel ebike
Period: All year round. In summer lush plant growth may be encountered along the riverside.

You will leave the centre of Savigliano to reach the Maira, starting to cycle along the section known as the Franco Pacifico Trail, on its left bank. Numerous ups and downs and fun bends through the plant growth alternate with some easier stretches on the edge of cultivated fields. Here, too, there is no shortage of herons and mallards, and it is easy to spot hares and more rarely roe deer. You will see where the Mellea flows into the river before commencing the last, slightly more challenging stretch that leads to Cavallermaggiore. The town has many churches, and you will see the numerous bell towers that rise above it while cycling.

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