Villar San Costanzo - Busca

Stage 1 – Variant

Difficulty: MC
STS grade: S0
Elevation: 35 m+ (649 m max / 486 m min)
Length: km 14
Type: Bici MTB full/front, e-bike front/full o gravel
Period: All year round. In summer lush plant growth may be encountered along the riverside.


You will admire the Ciciu del Villar Nature Reserve, with its incredible characteristic mushroom-shaped geological formations. An easy downhill ride on a sealed road will take you to Villar San Costanzo, whose splendid abbey rises above the rooftops, from which a short stretch of sealed road leads to the banks of the Maira, passing among the houses of Morra del Villar. The last few kilometres are on a combination of dirt and sealed roads; the relaxing views and the gurgling of the river will accompany you to the outskirts of Busca, the arrival point of the first stage. The streets of the old town are full of bars and bistros, which are perfect for a refreshing break.

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